Employment Brand Case Study
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from bubbles to insights….thanks “Joe L”!

Question 1: What’s it like at your work?

This is where your thought bubbles come in.

You run into “Joe L” at a party – he’s web savvy, worked a couple of years as a recruiter and had a part-time job at a customer contact centre while he was in university. He asks you, “What’s it like at your work?”

Answer the question and either:

  1. Type out a response and stick it in your thought bubble
  2. Hand write a response into your thought bubble

On the back, write down how long you’ve been at MindField Group (no need to include your name), then post your bubble on the wall near the ping pong table.

morning email to all “minDers”

morning email to all “minDers”

So, what’s this “employment branding” business all about?

Everyone arrived to speech/thought bubbles scattered around the office and learned soon after that today marked the official launch or our employment brand discovery.

As we continue to grow and add new talent, we know how important it is to communicate what makes MindField Group a great place to work, what traits candidates need to succeed and the overall employment experience.

Approach: rather than a “heads-down” e-survey, we (the communications committee) identified the 8 core pieces of information crucial to discovery and created a series of activities and scenarios to go about getting insights in a way that represents our culture. Timeline: 5 days, 1-2 questions each day, each requiring 30 seconds to a few minutes max.

Back to the thought/speech bubbles: during this morning’s team gathering, an email was timed to arrive in our inboxes that reaffirmed the program goals and linked to this blog with the first questions.

At the centre of this process is this blog. This is where daily questions and updates will live. This is for all of us as well as the friends and networks we invite you to share this with. Here is where we will share glimpses of our activities through posts, photos, videos, comments and anything else we wish to include.

We hope for this to be a fun, interesting and engaging way to learn more about why you like it here, areas we need to look at, and what you feel other great talent should know. Enjoy!

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